How to host a high-impact, low-cost Supporter Engagement Event
by Amy Appleton
As fundraisers you regularly send emails and direct mail. You may be a social media whizz and have fantastic videos that breathe life into your marketing. However, you cannot always ensure that your message is received by your target audience and furthermore, you cannot be sure that you will resonate with and inspire potential supporters.
Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could get your current and potential supporters into a room to really engage and inspire them? You may be surprised to hear this but you definitely can!

Welcome to the Supporter Engagement Event!

Supporter Engagement Events are not just for huge charities with equally huge budgets. They can be a low-cost, high-impact way of getting your current and potential supporters in front of the most inspirational people in your organisation; your beneficiaries.

KEDA Fundraising Consultant, Amy Appleton, has created an info-packed, downloadable guide, giving you your blueprint for a successful and productive Supporter Engagement Event.

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