Official #donorlove celebration
by Nikki Bell
November 2018 saw the launch of the first ever #donorlove celebration in a joint collaboration between KEDA Consulting and Agents of Good, led by Nikki Bell and John Lepp.

The #donorlove celebration was a month-long showcase of the many ways fundraisers across the world, in charities large and small, adopt personal touches to show appreciation, thank supporters, and forge a connection between supporter and cause.

With everything from creative cards and ‘thank you Thursdays’, to specially curated memory books, the evidence is clear that taking a personal approach and inviting human content has a huge impact on charity fundraising.

Read through the submissions here and then let us know your favourite!
Results of a two year study were published recently showcasing the vital role a brilliant ‘thank you’ can play, and I talk about and teach this subject at conferences and online frequently.

It’s through teaching better supporter engagement that I have uncovered the magnificent ways that fundraisers at charities large and small are making their supporters feel noticed through small, human to human interactions that have a big impact on their relationships and fundraising. And the amazing part, quite often it’s the hardest thing to do because of time restraints or confidence in the actions being worthwhile; so fundraisers stop doing it, or stop doing it so well; a key finding in the research cited above.

Yet well-thought out thank you’s can turn fundraising relationships into long-term support, and encourage supporters to give, and stay with your organisation. That’s why we want to celebrate the fabulous fundraisers and their charities who are thanking well and building great relationships, to not only give back the good feeling they’re regularly dishing out, but share their techniques for us all to learn from.
#donorlove quote
We’ve hosted our first celebration already! Yorkshire Cancer Research turned a usual digital stewardship into a more personal relationship after noticing a marathon runner struggling with fundraising. After taking the time to get to know their supporter, they were able to adapt their approach and provide a more supportive and celebratory tone to their communications. Within a week she’d doubled her income. By event day she’d raised £8,000. You can read about it here.

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