Free guide to prospect research
by Amy Appleton
Increasingly charities are telling us that the success rate for trust applications is falling. If too many of your applications to trusts & foundations are failing to hit the mark, then perhaps it's time for a different approach? In this insightful downloadable guide, KEDA consultant Amy Appleton walks us through the reasons why your trust and foundation applications could be failing to win through and the five places that you should be looking for new, and fruitful trust prospects, almost all of which will cost you nothing but time.
By returning to basics, reconsidering key factors such as suitability and fit, and spending time looking in the right places to find the trusts and foundations that are more likely to fund a charity like yours, you will cut down the time wasted in trying to fit your square peg into round holes and you will uncover new opportunities to win funds for your charity and its projects.

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This article was written by Amy Appleton in February 2019. If you would like to discuss or comment on the content please feel free to get in touch at or

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