Feel warmer about cold calling
by Alex Blake
There’s no doubt that new business calls, or cold calling, has a bad reputation - and it’s certainly something that many fundraisers have less than positive feelings about. But when handled correctly, these calls can form a crucial part of the early stage engagement of a prospective corporate supporter. And as we all know, successful partnerships can be a significant source of funding for charities of all sizes.
With the right approach including pre call research and planning to structure your call effectively, you can turn one of the least liked tasks on your to do list into something that is fruitful and enjoyable for all concerned.

Our downloadable guide provides general tips and a three phase structure for your calls, which will give this critical part of your fundraising strategy a better chance of success.

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This article was written by Alex Blake in February 2019. If you would like to discuss or comment on the content please feel free to get in touch at alex.blake@kedaconsulting.co.uk or https://twitter.com/KEDA_Consulting

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