I Wish I'd Thought Of That!
by Nikki Bell
On February 21st 2019 Nikki Bell spoke at #IWITOT (I Wish I’d Thought of That), an annual event ran by SOFII. It’s a fantastic learning forum led by 18 fundraisers showcasing a fundraising idea that they wish they’d thought of themselves. The event aims to inspire new ideas and showcase the often unheard of, brilliant fundraising happening around the world.
Nikki has been fascinated by the use of gaming in fundraising and, as a community fundraiser, the opportunities it brings for online engagement. Here she talks about the January 18th 2019 campaign when Harry Brewis raised £250,000 for Mermaids UK from his bedroom by live-streaming his Donkey Kong 64 game-a-thon.
This article was written by Nikki Bell in February 2019. If you would like to discuss or comment on the content, please feel free to get in touch at nikki.bell@kedaconsulting.co.uk or https://twitter.com/KEDA_Consulting