Why your charity?
by Alex Blake
We all know it’s a competitive environment, whether you’re applying for grants, pitching for corporate partnerships or asking individuals for support. So let’s channel our inner Simon Sinek and start with Why?
Firstly, why does your charity exist?

For example: Future Builders Uganda exists because children in Nkozi, Uganda, are living in poverty with a lack of opportunities to improve the quality of life for themselves and their community.

Then, why should I support your charity rather than another? Why support Future Builders Uganda rather than one of the well-known charities working in Uganda like Oxfam or Save the Children?

To do this you need to think about the strengths and weaknesses of your charity and those of your peers/competitors, and reflect this in your communications with potential supporters.

For example: Future Builders Uganda is the only charity working directly with the community in Nkozi. Our founder is working with local community leaders, teachers, parents and children to identify and address the issues that matter to them. Together we plan the best solution and raise the funds required to provide practical support.

By working directly with the community we ensure that every penny of your donation makes a difference to the children of Nkozi. Our projects are those that are most needed, have the best chance of achieving long term impact and are excellent value for money. We are able to move much more quickly in meeting these needs than the large NGOs.

For example, in May this year we agreed with the community that there was an urgent need for a clean water supply in the village of Kasozi because they are completely reliant on rain water being stored in steel tanks and so in the dry season there is simply no clean water. We have raised the funds, hired local contractors and drilled a deep bore hole with water pump. We agreed with the community that the pump would be located near and maintained by the local mosque, which has also benefitted from new concrete flooring and prayer mats as part of this project. All in less than two months and for less than £3,700. That’s just £15 per person to have clean water for years to come in this remote rural village.

As a trustee of this great small charity, I donate to them regularly. If you would like to as well, you can do so here.

What would be the answer for your charity? Why would I support your charity rather than another?

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If you need help with the question of why potential supporters should give to your charity, we are here for you. To find out more about how we can help you to secure funding or develop successful fundraising programmes, contact us at hello@kedaconsulting.co.uk to arrange a call.

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