Event: Funding social change – how can we improve the funding system?
by Alex Blake
In July 2021, we launched our report on grant funding, which draws on the responses of 248 charities to our Trust Fundraising Scorecard, 53 conversations with fundraisers / charity leaders to discuss their results and 22 conversations with grant-seekers and grant-makers to discuss specific questions for the report.

Questions of how to improve the way we achieve our charitable objectives and/or the way funding systems operate are far too complex for us to draw a conclusion from the work we have undertaken in preparing the report, so we issued an open invitation to continue the conversation with us at an online event.

The event was attended by around 30 people working in grant-seeking and grant-making, who discussed three specific topics:

• Community voice in the funding system

• Collaboration between grant-seekers and grant-makers

• Can we envision a radical alternative to the current system? What would that look like?

To view our write up of key themes, questions for funders to consider and the sticky notes from the small group conversations, you can download the document below.

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