Charity Chat Podcast: Grant-Seekers and Grant-Makers
with Alex Blake
In early July 2021, Alex was invited back on to the Charity Chat Podcast to discuss our recent report on grant funding and the challenges/opportunities faced by grant-seekers and grant-makers in the current funding system.

Our report draws on the responses of 248 charities to our Trust Fundraising Scorecard, 53 conversations with fundraisers / charity leaders to discuss their results and 22 conversations with grant-seekers and grant-makers to discuss specific questions for the report.

Sam Davies, Producer and Chair at Charity Chat, kindly described our Scorecard and work in the following terms:

“We spoke about KEDA Consulting’s scorecard, which I have used myself. It is a useful tool, it’s free to use and can really help to focus the mind on your trust and foundation work, while receiving some useful tips and tweaks to your approach. In my view, KEDA Consulting is genuinely seeking to improve current grant funding practices. Alex and his team are doing valuable work in drawing together grant seekers and grant makers to help evolve the best practice process of grant making.”

You can find out more about what we covered and listen to the episode at or it is available on the usual platforms such as iTunes and Spotify.

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