We work with clients to establish new or improve existing corporate partnership programmes.

Partnerships may involve traditional grant making via a corporate foundation, commercial sponsorship of an event or asset, employee fundraising, employee volunteering, cause related marketing on products, gifts in kind, pro bono professional service or media activity.
We work with clients to develop the right strategy through research and discussion across four main areas – positioning, targeting, offer and opportunity.

This service is charged on a day rate basis with the number of days required depending on variables such as the scale and complexity of the support required.


To identify how you can appeal to companies through the key dimensions they tend to consider when choosing charity partners, such as geographic focus, thematic focus and beneficiary groups.


To identify the type of partnership and business you want to target as the costs and benefits vary. Some partnerships are straightforwardly financial, where others bring less tangible or longer-term benefits, and some could bring risks as well rewards. For example, are public facing partnerships more strategic than corporate grants? Are employee fundraising partnerships good exposure, or too resource intensive? Are there any specific pro bono services or gifts in kind that the organisation is looking for? Are there any types of business – e.g. alcohol and tobacco – that you would not work with?


Before approaching companies, it is important to consider what you can offer them as a partner, as companies often expect substantial engagement in return for their support, and the level of offer available can be a deciding factor when a company is choosing between a shortlist of charities. Can their funding be restricted to a specific set of activities? What level of reporting or engagement within this programme can they have? Is there opportunity for staff to volunteer within operations? What level of promotion of the company brand is appropriate? How much access to beneficiaries or individual supporters will you allow for the promotion of company products or services?


An external analysis of the opportunities that exist with companies is combined with the internal decisions around positioning, targeting and offer to identify the best fit corporate partnership to aim for.
When a strategy is in place, we help clients to make approaches and develop partnerships, providing support with whichever steps of the process are required, such as:
  • Prospect research to identify the most appropriate opportunities.
  • Developing generic and tailored proposals and pitch decks.
  • Making initial enquiries.
  • Preparing for and attending pitches and meetings.
  • Discussing contract negotiation.



Youth Focus: North East is a regional hub connecting young people and the organisations and professionals who support them. Youth Focus: North East supports a network of over 1,500 organisations and individuals concerned with improving the lives of young people and runs a number of high profile regional programmes encompassing youth employment, education and the arts, health and intergenerational work.

We worked with Youth Focus North East’s senior management and wider staff to develop their corporate offer both in terms of fundraising partnerships and shared value partnerships. We identified partnership opportunities, developed proposals and produced guidance for staff. We provided training and support with a focus on enabling Youth Focus North East’s CEO and key staff to approach companies with a view to developing new types of partnerships.
The support from KEDA Consulting was invaluable. Developing stronger partnerships with the corporate sector is a priority for our charity. Alex and the team at KEDA were able to bring a very high level of expertise and insight, which has helped to transform our organisation's relationship with the corporate sector. We have brokered a number of new relationships with corporate partners, improving our position in the region, and enhancing our longer-term sustainability.

Leon Mexter, CEO

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