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2 November - 30 November 2021 | find out more about our next programme and book your place here.
Past Webinars
Funding social change - how can grant-seekers and grant-makers collaborate to better serve our communities?

This event will follow the launch of our report, which draws on the responses of 248 charities to our Trust Fundraising Scorecard, 53 conversations with fundraisers / charity leaders to discuss their results and 22 conversations with grant-seekers and grant-makers to discuss the questions in our report, which will be available at the start of July.

We invite you to explore the report with us by joining our online event to explore the following questions:

- How can we collaborate (grant-seekers and grant-makers) to better serve our communities with a more effective and efficient system for funding and delivering social change?

- Can we envision a radical alternative to the current system, as opposed to making incremental improvements?
What next for funders - the 2021-22 response to Covid-19

Speakers: Max Rutherford, Head of Policy at Association of Charitable Foundations | Sufina Ahmad MBE, Director at John Ellerman Foundation | Faiza Khan MBE, Engagement and Insight Director at National Lottery Community Fund.

In this webinar we share findings from the Association of Charitable Foundations’ member survey and diagnostic tool as well as insights from our guest speakers. You can watch the full webinar here.
Trends in grant-making practice following COVID-19 and other developments

Speakers: Jan McKenley, Trustee at Paul Hamlyn Foundation | Ngozi Lyn Cole, Advisor to various funders and previous Director at National Lottery Community Fund | Sarah Ridley, Chief Grants Officer at London Marathon Charitable Trust.

In this free webinar, we explore the latest developments in how funders help charities to recover from the impact of the pandemic, while also taking action in relation to other major issues for grantmakers. You can watch the full webinar here.
Changes in grant-making practice following COVID-19

Speakers: Ben Cairns, Director and Co-Founder, IVAR | Emma Beeston, Philanthropy Advisor | Ciorsdan Brown, Head of Charitable Partnerships & Strategy, The Goldsmiths' Company.

Will funders' experience during this crisis change their practices going forward? Will we see more positive changes or move towards a trust-based model? We discussed the latest trends in grant-making with three guests who have unique insights into the practice of UK grantmakers. You can watch the full webinar here.
Fundraising in small charities

Speakers: Simon James, Chief Executive, The Josephine and Jack Project | Jenny Irish, Director, Learn English at Home.

For Small Charity Week 2020, we brought small charity leaders together to share their insights and experience of developing fundraising. Together we looked at fundraising in a new, small charity; resourcing fundraising in small charities and examples of what worked and what didn’t.
'Lego approach' to trust fundraising

Through this session, we shared our ‘Lego Approach’ to writing or refreshing a case for support to lay the foundation for successful trust fundraising. We shared our tips and tools to compelling bid writing with fundraisers for Small Charity Week 2020.

If you missed the session, you can find our ‘Lego Approach’ template here.
Developing your fundraising strategy

As part of Small Charity Week 2020, this free webinar introduced small charities to each step of our process to develop a fundraising strategy. We covered how to undertake an internal and external review of the current situation for your charity, before exploring each of the fundraising income streams to assess the potential opportunity for your charity.
Funding the 'recovery phase'

Speakers: Elaine Langshaw, Chief Executive Officer, Newcastle Women's Aid | Emma Whitcombe, Executive Director of Engagement and Income Generation, MS Society.

How will charities fund the ‘recovery phase’ following the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown? Our speakers shared their experience of leading charities through significant periods of change to help us face the uncertainty of the next 12 months. Check out our article on five questions CEOs ask to ensure their charity is fundable in the 'recovery phase' here.
COVID-19 Funding Announcement Update

In May 2020, the National Lottery Community Fund announced the application process to apply for the government Covid-19 funding. This free webinar outlined the process and answered fundraisers’ questions to give them the best chance of success.

Applications for this funding have now closed. However, you can learn more about how to position your charity for funding through and after the pandemic here.
COVID-19 Emergency Fundraising Communications

Speakers: Mat Cottle-Shaw, Head of Fundraising and Communications, Bone Cancer Research Trust | Anna Featherstone, Head of Fundraising and Communications, The MPS Society.

This free webinar focussed on how charities should communicate with current and recent supporters to let them know how COVID-19 is affecting their charity and what they can do to help.

You can watch the full webinar here.

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