As Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Toby Henderson Trust I would like endorse the work of Alex Blake from KEDA Consulting. Alex is responsive, straight talking and clearly good at his job. I was relatively new to being a trustee when Alex first started and I was sceptical. However, everyone in the trust knew we had to be more proactive with our fund raising so we made a commitment to Alex for a year. He gave us a sensible plan of action that was financially doable and worked closely with our Project Director to identify the best possible sources of support before starting to research and make applications. A year later Alex has brought in twelve times the amount we invested in his services and we still have 17 outstanding applications that we have not yet heard back from. The largest contributor he found last year is funding the rent for our building for three years, I think that speaks for its self.

Dan Bond, Chair

The Toby Henderson Trust is a small local charity in Northumberland supporting children with autism and their families.
KEDA Consulting has been working with the Trust over the last few years, with the brief of helping to secure new funding while operating on a shoe string budget. The Trust has no staff dedicated to fundraising and development. Through targeted funding applications, we have helped secure key grants to fund core costs with a return on investment of over £17 for every £1 invested.