Do you need to increase your fundraising income from individuals, corporate and/or community partners?
Whether you’re starting from scratch or your existing fundraising programme needs a boost, our RAISE framework can help you to grow your income. Our goal is to support you in creating and implementing a successful fundraising plan which works for you and your supporters.

RAISE is our five-step framework for six to seven figure income charities, through which we will help you to develop a fundraising growth plan and support you to deliver agreed activity, focussing your time and resource on the areas with the most growth potential.

If your current fundraising with individuals, community and corporate partners is very limited, we can apply the RAISE framework across these audiences. If your existing programme is more advanced, then we would work with you on one specific income stream.
We will provide support through the five key steps of RAISE:

Research & Review (month one)
We will deliver the following:

  • Internal review of your current practice, financials, database, calendar, website and resources to establish your baseline.
  • External review of your sector and geographic area, presenting you with opportunities and examples of good practice.
  • Workshop with your key internal stakeholders to present the findings from the above activity and discuss what that means for your fundraising programme’s income potential, resource requirement and action plan.

Agree (month two)
Following the workshop, we will provide a report with findings and recommendations, and an agreed action plan for the next 16 months. This time period allows for new approaches and activities to be put in place and delivered for long enough to test, learn and adapt to achieve a process of continuous improvement.

Are you ready to grow and diversify your income?

If you’re ready to make changes to your fundraising programme, based on a robust process of analysis, research and consultation, then we can help you to grow your corporate and community fundraising income.

How much will it cost?

We want RAISE to be accessible to small to medium size charities, so we have set a discounted fee for the intensive work we undertake during the first two steps of the process, with a regular monthly fee then enabling us to provide ongoing support as you implement your growth plan.

Initial fee: £1,995+VAT

Monthly fee: £295+VAT per month, payable by direct debit from month two.

How do I sign up?

Contact Alex Blake or Ashley Elliott on 0191 261 7756 or hello@kedaconsulting.co.uk to find out more and sign up to benefit from RAISE straight away.