We help clients to answer a range of strategic questions that are unique to their situation. This often includes undertaking desk research, conducting discrete interviews with internal and/or external stakeholders and providing advice based on our findings as well as our experience and expertise.
These bespoke pieces of work are usually costed on a fixed fee basis.
Some of the questions we have helped organisations to answer are:
  • Should our fundraising team be raising more money? This tends to include associated questions around performance, structure and process.
  • How do our peers/competitors fundraise, who supports them and what can we learn from them?
  • How can we generate more unrestricted income?
  • Is it feasible for us to raise £5 million for our capital project?
  • How can we better demonstrate our impact?
  • What is the opportunity for us to secure funding from statutory bodies and how would we do this?
  • What is the feasibility of us becoming a sustainable, independent charity if we leave our national umbrella organisation?
  • What is the funding landscape for digital transformation projects?
These assignments tend to be confidential in nature and so we do not share case studies of these projects.
If you have a question you need help answering, get in touch