We know that charities like yours change people’s lives. We specialise in helping you to increase your impact by securing new grant funding and developing successful trust fundraising programmes. Over 50 charities have benefited from our trust fundraising service, directly raising over £20 million in grant funding.


...CEO of a small charity with no fundraising staff?


...Director/Head of Fundraising with a small fundraising team?


Grant-making bodies, including Government, National Lottery and trusts / foundations, will assess your charity in more detail than any other audience. They will undertake due diligence on your finances and governance and will assess your evidence of need, impact, how you involve beneficiaries in all aspects of your work, your leadership, sustainability plans and more.

With so much competition for funding, it is not enough to be ‘just’ another worthy cause. 

If you know what funders are looking for and how to manage your trust fundraising programme effectively, you can achieve a return on investment that trounces every other fundraising income stream.

To simplify the process to maximise your grant funding potential, we have developed a five-step framework for trust fundraising.


We identify and prioritise the funders that are most likely to support your charity with the size of grant funding you need.

Case for support

We work with you to articulate, with evidence and emotion, why funders should support your charity/project. This involves a review of existing content, plus a workshop and/or 1-2-1 discussions to gain an in depth understanding of your work so we can write the most compelling case for support.


We tailor approaches to meet the requirements of each prioritised funder from initial phone calls, through to written applications. Our cases for support and tailored applications are always peer reviewed by a second member of our team.

Relationships with funders

We empower you to build lasting relationships with funders who will choose to support your charity time and again. We support you to exceed reporting and compliance requirements through additional communications that demonstrate the impact of their funding.


We work with you to develop the internal relationships you need to build compelling cases for support and applications, as well as providing templates and systems for a successful trust fundraising programme.

We focus on getting results for the charities we work with. Through these five steps, we secure the grant funding you need and develop a successful trust fundraising programme that will deliver grant funding year after year.

How well is your charity delivering these five steps? Assess your current performance with our scorecard at


Some of the tangible deliverables our clients receive from working with us include:

  • Funding! Our clients usually receive five-figure, if not six-figure grants within six months of starting to work with us.
  • Clear and compelling cases for support. Each case for support we develop provides the building blocks for subsequent funding applications and the content can also be used in other fundraising and marketing communications.
  • Prospect list. Our prospect research results in an Excel sheet of appropriate, prioritised funders, with details on giving history, criteria and processes.
  • Application documents. Each application submitted helps to build on the case for support, for example by building a library of responses to specific questions asked by the funder.
  • Supporting materials. Other documents such as case studies can support applications and also build relationships with funders, as well as adding value to other fundraising and marketing communications.
  • Templates. Our templates will help with the management of your trust fundraising programme in terms of planning, reporting and forecasting.

Our clients also describe intangible benefits resulting from our work:

  • Through working with us on the five steps, particularly in developing cases for support and answering application questions, service and finance colleagues gain a better understanding of what funders are looking for and are better equipped to support the fundraising team.
  • The process of developing the case for support often helps colleagues in ways that can lead to service improvements, for example through developing clearer plans, building in improved learning mechanisms or better demonstrating impact.
  • Through our systems and templates, our clients are better able to forecast grant income and have a clearer understanding of their trust fundraising plans, resulting in better management information.
  • Through activities to develop relationships with funders, our clients gain goodwill and a better reputation with this audience, leading to increased success rates in securing repeat and continued funding.


Since KEDA Consulting was established in November 2013, we have secured over £20 million for our clients.

Our client feedback survey receives 100% positive responses on the quality of our work and the way we communicate with our clients, scoring excellent by 81% and 84% respectively. 100% stated they would work with us again and over 90% would recommend us to others. Our training programmes have received 100% positive feedback, with an average rating of over 9 out of 10 for content, delivery and resources.

We ask our clients for feedback after six months and annually or at the end of short-term contracts. They say:

Would work with us again 100%
Would recommend us to others 91%
The quality of our work is excellent 81%
Our communication is excellent 84%

The vast majority of our work (over 90%) comes from returning clients and word of mouth referrals.


Great fundraising is all about people and relationships.

This is a well-known truism across all fundraising income streams, including trust fundraising. What is not always recognised, is that your internal relationships are just as, if not more, important. To develop the best funding applications, it is essential to work with colleagues across your organisation to gather the information you need in relation to project details, partnerships, policy and finance.

Having refined our approach through developing over 1,000 funding applications, we know how to work across teams to secure funding, develop positive working relationships and create systems to support them.

We communicate with candour, taking a non-authoritative approach to asking challenging questions to ensure we can articulate to funders why they should support your charity. We are experienced in working with you to bring out the best of your expertise to express vital aspects of a compelling case for support, including strategic positioning, beneficiary involvement and organisational learning.

Effectiveness is vital to our success. We know that when you are paying for our time, we need to make the most of it. We work with a laser focus on investing our time in the tasks that will return the best results in terms of both securing funding in year one as well as developing a successful fundraising programme for the long term.

We only work with charities where we can make a difference by adding significant value – if our service is not the best solution to meet your needs, we will tell you. We live by our reputation, which is based on achieving results with integrity. We are committed to delivering and setting best practice by always learning about what works best for you and implementing continuous improvement in our services.


I was very impressed by the amount that had been achieved and the quality of the work. Not only had KEDA been focused on delivering income, they had made significant progress in developing much needed systems and processes. In my many years as a Fundraising Director I have rarely seen such positive impact from external fundraising support.
We hadn’t done any proactive trusts and foundation fundraising before … they have supported us to secure over £400,000. They really understand, working sensitively, taking the time to listen to our needs and deliver quality work. KEDA have become part of our team and supported us to make significant progress to improving lives and outcomes for those affected by primary bone cancer.”
Alex helped us to, not only develop our cases for support, but to look at funders differently and be more clear on what we should focus on. Alex asks the right questions and has worked very well with our project managers to get the required information within tight deadlines.


To benefit from our service, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Your organisation is legally registered as a charitable organisation

  • You have been operational for at least three years and your total annual income is above £100,000 – we can make exceptions for rapid growth start-ups but micro charities should seek support from their local infrastructure charity or book our training to learn how to secure grant income

  • You are seeking help to secure grants of five-figures upwards

  • Relevant staff are committed to attending meetings/calls and providing information on a timely basis (to develop cases for support and funding applications)

  • Agreement to our standard terms, including monthly invoicing. We do not work on commission.


Would you benefit from our service on a short-term, interim or ongoing basis?

Schedule a call with Alex to learn more about the benefits of this service and find out when we will be accepting new clients.