Would you like to:

Increase your total grant income?

Secure more core funding?

Build more long-term relationships with funders?

Improve your internal relationships and systems to increase effectiveness?

Over the years we’ve successfully applied for funding from a wide range of trusts and grant-making bodies. Based on our learning, we’ve developed a five-step framework to help charities maximise their grant funding potential and have devised a scorecard to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses as an applicant.

The Scorecard will identify the areas where you can make the most improvement to increase your annual grant income. It can help you to communicate with your colleagues around areas for growth and take action where it matters most.

The test is free of charge, completely confidential and takes just 10 minutes to complete. You’ll get your results scorecard straightaway.

We’ll e-mail you an invitation to discuss your results and recommendations with us. This consultation is free and there’s no commitment to buy our services.


The Trust Fundraising Scorecard measures your charity’s ability to secure grant funding and identifies opportunities to maximise your grant funding potential.

With so much competition for funding, it is not enough to be ‘just’ another worthy cause. If you know what funders are looking for and you know how to manage your trust fundraising programme effectively, you can achieve a return on investment that trounces every other fundraising income stream.

Answer 40 questions and our confidential Scorecard will help you to uncover the strengths and areas for growth in your Trust fundraising programme.


The scorecard will measure you against the five-step framework for trust fundraising:


Your ‘prospects’ are those funders you’ve listed as possible supporters of your charity. Prospect research should identify and prioritise these funders: If you don’t have a prioritised prospect list, you can’t be effective in your approach and you won’t maximise grant income.

Case for support

To secure grant funding your case for support needs to articulate, with evidence and emotion, why funders should support your charity as opposed to any of the other 200,000 charities in the UK.


The application process requires you to meet the unique needs and wants of each prospective funder. If you can answer funders’ questions with the right mix of credibility, authority and passion, your charity will stand out and secure the funding you need.

Relationships with funders

Building lasting relationships with funders is essential to growing your annual grant income. You need to exceed reporting and compliance requirements by finding additional ways to demonstrate the impact of their funding.


To maximise your funding potential, you need to manage your trust fundraising programme effectively. This means developing valuable internal relationships and efficient systems. This will ultimately be the deciding factor in whether you can, not only secure grant funding, but maximise your potential.

Are you ready to uncover your strengths and weaknesses?

In July 2021, we launched a report on grant funding that draws on 248 responses to the Trust Fundraising Scorecard and 75 conversations with grant-seekers and grant-makers. The report provides insights that you can use for benchmarking your trust fundraising and planning your approach to seeking grant funding.