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The Charity Impact Podcast aims to help you increase your charity’s income and impact by sharing the experience and expertise of our guests. 

We usually produce episodes under one of the following broad themes:

  • Insight and actionable tips from an expert on a specific topic e.g. fundraising, philanthropy, digital, recruitment.
  • Learning from the experience of a charity CEO or other social leader
  • Discussion of issues in or affecting the charity sector.

Whatever your role or level of experience, we think you’ll be inspired and informed by our guests who are absolutely the stars of the show! 

We aim to showcase a diverse range of guests, including people whose voices have been less heard as well as established leaders in our field.

So, whether you are CEO, fundraiser, trustee, manager, practitioner, funder, or any other flavour of social leader, welcome to the Charity Impact Podcast!

Not sure where to start? E-mail us with your interests and we’ll be happy to recommend some relevant episodes.

You can find episode notes and links to any resources, organisations etc mentioned in episodes on the web page for that episode (links in the box on the right of the page).

At the Charity Impact Podcast we love to collaborate,  so if you are interested in engaging with us as a guest, sponsor, media partner or any other cool idea you might have, please get in touch by e-mail.


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  • Why should someone listen to the Charity Impact Podcast?

I really appreciate any feedback so I can get a sense of what you enjoy about the podcast, how it helps you in your work for social change and what I could do to improve it.

Thank you to Feedspot for selecting the Charity Impact podcast in its list of the Top 25 Charity Podcasts on the web.

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The Charity Impact Podcast is hosted by Alex Blake, who has worked in the charity sector his whole career, starting in fundraising and going on to establish KEDA Consulting to help charities increase their income and impact.

We have worked with over 100 charities, providing strategic and operational support in relation to income and impact. Alex has been the lead consultant for the majority of these clients and has delivered a range of strategic consultancy and operational support as described on our service pages. Alex has now raised over £35 million, as well as achieving a wider impact through strategic consulting and advice.

Prior to becoming a consultant, Alex began his career in the charity sector as a fundraiser, successfully raising over £10 million with roles at St Christopher’s Hospice, ORBIS International, WaterAid and the National Autistic Society. These roles helped to develop skills in strategic thinking, problem-solving, bid writing, project design and management, relationship building and communication.

In addition, Alex holds voluntary roles on charity boards and committees; shares learning through our podcast, events and articles as well as leading sector publications and conferences; and holds certifications including PRINCE2 Practitioner, Fundraising Management, BA in Business Management and full membership at the Institute of Consulting.

Connect with Alex on LinkedIn and Twitter:


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The Charity Impact Podcast is brought to you by KEDA Consulting, where we help charities to increase their income and impact.


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